The Accountability of Passion

I remember getting sucked into reality TV about a popular entertainment industry mogul.

He talked about how he hadn’t slept for days because of the projects he was so heavily involved with. On this particular mission he set out to deliver new and different work and he went at it full force. He surrounded himself with top talent, fine tuned the good stuff, got rid of the bad, learned new techniques, stretched his skill set, and practiced to near perfection. He put in as many if not more hours than his support team. He was clearly exhausted, but still driven to create the best.

I’ll have to admit that by the end of the episode I was sold on this man’s passion.

A person of mogul status doesn’t get to where he is without passion. Yes, we all strive to be and do our best, but when passion shows up it takes on a different look.

It’s peculiar and relentless. It elevates things to a new level and is strong enough to push you past the point where others normally stop. Rest is vital for the body and balance is key, but there are times when passion overrides sleep and even satisfies the appetite.

When all signs indicated that the guy in the reality show should slow down or stop, the power of passion held him accountable to keep going.

Think about Christ.

He was tired, beaten and bloody, but nothing could stop His passion (thank God!). No boundaries, no persecutions, no haters. Not even death.

If you’re passionate about anything at all, you’ve made some sacrifices in your life and you’ve realized some successes. But how much passion do we truly have for God and His word?

Even 99 percent isn’t enough.

Lord, I pray by the power of Your Holy Spirit that I develop a passion for You that’s so intense it holds me accountable like nothing else will. Make me crazily ambitious for Your word, and set me on fire to love, serve, honor and put you first every day. Amen.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” – Matthew 5:6


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